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Voted #1 in Service

Single Speed Beach Cruiser Tune Up $39


Basic Geared Tune Up $59

Deluxe Tune up Package add $30

(Includes all services in Basic tune up with the addition of Front/Rear Hub Adjustments, Bottom Bracket Adjustment and inspection, and Basic Truing of Front/Rear Wheels)


Box Bike To Ship $149


Assemble/Tune Single Speed Bike $69


Assemble/Tune Geared Bike $99

Build E-Bike- $149


Tube Change $20

Premium Tube Change w/Slime Tubes- $25

E-Bike Tube Change (Drive wheel)- $50


Hub Adjustment $10


Deluxe Wheel True $25


Chain Install Including Chain $30-$50 (single-12 speed)


Brake Adjustment $10 (per brake)


Brake Bleed $40

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